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Lauren is a mother of two adult children and lives with her partner in one of Adelaide's beautiful beach side suburbs, Largs Bay. She is passionate about helping people to better understand the workings of their mind/body/spiritual systems so that they may be able release trapped emotions and unhelpful patterns of behavior. Everyone is able to access their own innate and natural healing wisdom for optimum health, freedom and well-being.

Lauren is trained in Kinesiology (Energetic Medicine) and Mind Body Medicine. She has a Social Science degree and has studied Counselling, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Registered as a Level 5 professional Kinesiologist member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and insured with Gallagher Insurance.

Before she discovered the benefits of kinesiology Lauren suffered from a sleep disorder, digestive disorders, stress, tiredness, lack of energy, brain fog, headaches, low immunity and sore muscles. She went to see many medical and complimentary practitioners over the years. Some helped, some didn't and mostly only provided some short term relief. After only two to three sessions with a kinesiologist she began to feel different; greater mental alertness, improved metabolism, less tiredness and greater overall health and vitality.

During the treatment Lauren became aware of some childhood anxieties and fears that she had carried into adulthood that had contributed to her health conditions. Deep insecurities had developed in her early childhood due to her mother's struggle with depression and anxiety. It had a huge impact on her mother's ability to be emotionally available for her children and to them she appeared to be distant, irritable, tired and unhappy. 

Lauren began to feel responsible for her mother's distress because the messages being received by her subconcious mind were things like "you are a naughty girl", "you are not lovable", "you are silly and stupid" and if you just became invisible no one would notice you. This programmed memory build up created negative thoughts which contributed to her feelings of low self esteem, lack of self love and physical illness.

The brain is an amazing organ and has the capacity to rebuild neural pathways under the right conditions. Once we know the core motivation of a particular behavior, we are well on the way to releasing trapped emotions that are held within the complex structures of the mind/body and we can begin to heal. We can start to appreciate all our experiences and use them as gifts that teach us to make better choices in our lives and be grateful. It is an ongoing and life transforming process.

Lauren works holistically and intuitively within the framework of the energy-based paradigm. It combines the ancient healing practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qi flow and acupuncture channels) and Hindu traditions (Chakras and Nadis). She uses a range of natural and non-invasive techniques that tap into your body's healing intelligence.

Our anatomy comprises of energy fields that penetrate and surround the physical body, just as thoughts, emotions and attitudes can effect the physical body. Put simply, the human energy field is a reflection of the Universe as a whole. The human body emits a frequency and can be high or low depending on how we think or feel. 


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