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Offerings and Fees

Let me be your partner in the transformative process of your healing journey towards better energy flow, increased vitality, reduced pain and stress: harmonising your mind and body.



Free Introductory Session: (30 minutes) 

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other before booking your first session. An informal chat over the phone or via video call where you can ask me questions and talk about what your needs are. It’s especially helpful if you have never tried kinesiology and PSYCH-K® before.

First Kinesiology consult & balance :  (1.5 hours - 2 HRS) $150

 Includes an intake counselling process where I will gather your health history and plan your treatment goals. After you will receive a holistic kinesiology assessment and energy balance session. Upon request I can provide you with a short summary of the session process plus home support.





Balancing Your Chakras: 

(up to 1.5 HRS) $100

Chakras the body's energy centres or "wheels" of moving energy positioned throughout body. Each with vibrating with its own frequency and governing specific, physical, emotional, spiritual and biochemical functions of the body. This balance works with the 9 major Chakras to correct any imbalances and leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed.


Reiki Healing Balance

(up to 1.5 HRS) $100

A gentle but powerful energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, sleep, improve circulation and has a positive affect on general health and well-being. With the placement hands on the body it will deliver energy to your own cellular structure to improve the flow and balance of  energy in your body . 

* Payment plans are available upon request for all services.




Subsequent Kinesiology sessions: (up to 1.5 HRS) $130 

Includes a holistic kinesiology assessment and energy balance to support and maintain current treatment goals or work on new ones. It is recommended that intervals of 3- 4 weeks between sessions helps the body to integrate and process new changes.

PSYCH-K® Session: (up to 1.5 HRS) $130

Includes a process that is designed to create balanced communication between both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This “Whole-Brain State” is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals; in any areas of your life where you wish to make lasting changes, quickly and easily.

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I love hearing from you, let me know what's on your mind and what you need to bolster your wellbeing!


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